Company Philosophy:

For more than 40 years, Sifar Pharmaceuticals stressed the importance of quality and presented high quality drugs and health products to Turkish market with the philosophy of "Architect of Quality in Medicine".

Company History:

Sifar Pharmaceuticals was established in 1966 and has been active in the Turkish pharmaceutical market since then. Starting originally as a licensee of Gruppo Lepetit SpA ITALY, an affiliate of Marion Merrell Dow (MMD), SIFAR passed through various stages during its existence:

- The initial strategy of the company was to represent multinational firms.

- From 1975 on, branded generics were added to the portfolio.

- In 1984, the strategy of the company was to start the OTC line.

- Situated at a strategic location, SIFAR also formed the export and special projects department and started to export its own products to ex Soviet countries.

- Concurrently, Sifar invested US$ 17 million in manufacturing facility of fine chemicals capable of fermentation and chemical synthesis.

However, in mid 90'ies the multinational companies that Sifar represented decided to open their own Turkish branches or merged with companies that already had a Turkish branch. Thus, Sifar had to sell its marketing license back to these companies. In the meantime, the Turkish economy went on a major crisis. Therefore, the company decided to sell its manufacturing plant and decrease the size of the company. The marketing rights of Sifar's own pharmaceutical products were licensed out to Yeni Ilac Company on royalty basis.

New Century, New Market, New Life:

The new century has opened a new era for Sifar Ilaclari. The company chose to enter a new market, the food supplements market. The "New Life" brand was acquired from Taymed Company. The product portfolio was quickly expanded. The strategy with New Life is to have special products with top quality and unique formulas.

Thanks to the high quality of the Omega-3 products under New Life brand, Sifar has become a founding member of the international GOED Omega-3 committee. Apart from the activities in Turkey, Sifar has also started exporting New Life to Middle East.

Detailed information about New Life products can be found at: www.newlife.com.tr

Additionally, Sifar is marketing Hermesetas Sweeteners in the Turkish market.